Newsletter: Baby Blooming Moments January 2024

JANUARY 2024 | ISSUE NO. 1 BABY BLOOMING MOMENTS Some say, “It’s never too late”, I say, “It’s never too early.” Blooming Together Michelle Mintz, M.S., CCC-SLP The Early Development Expert Welcome to Baby Blooming Moments’ first newsletter! I’m thrilled to have you part of this village. Having been a Speech and Language Therapist for over 25 years, my passion is all about communication. Communicating with newborns is different than communicating with infants which is different than communicating with babies and toddlers. HOW you respond to children during their different stages of development makes a crucial impact and helps determine the path your child will take in their blooming journey. PARENTING 911 EXPERT IN YOUR EAR Introducing Parenting 911, a branch of Baby Blooming Moments that is a crucial need right now. Mealtimes, transitions, bath times, and bedtimes are wrought with defiance, tantrums, and fatigue and sibling battles are sky rising. Parents and preschools are experiencing challenges with aggressive, defiant behaviors and attitudes from toddlers, some due to the isolation they experienced during the pandemic. Making threats and struggling has become the daily way of life for families which is not a way to live. Parenting 911 is the Expert in Your Ear in the moment you need it. If you would like to enhance what they you are already doing with your children, Baby Blooming Moments will provide practical, easy, fun strategies to implement during natural, daily routines. If you could use guidance and support with any challenging behaviors, difficult issues, or tantalizing toddlers, Parenting 911 provides quick, in the moment tools to help bring calmness and closeness into the home. Blooming Moments! So many exciting events to share! First, Baby Blooming Moments is a proud speaker at the INA Virtual Summit and INA Conference. I will also present for Sweet Slumber Baby-Centered™ Sleep Coaching. Locally, I will be in the baby chill section of the Big Fish Little Fish family dance party February 25. Developmental Play classes are offered at The Pump Station & Nurtury and I will provide a workshop exclusively for the Play Vista Moms Group. TappingForTruth and Parenting 911 are teaming up for a unique workshop. Valuable resources were discovered such as The Nanny Doctor, ShoeShoe, Creating Connections Nannies, Very Good Mothers Club, Yeah Baby Goods, Mama Llama Music, Art for Littles, The Experieced Nanny, Kids Collective, Healing Pulse Physical Therapy, All Things Childcare, WAYB, and The Palisades Dentists. Many podcasts have dropped and articles have been published. Became the proud co-host of This, That…Let’s Chat! with The Relationship Consultant and Audrey Nesbitt. Stay tuned for more blooming!  

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