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20240614 1235283The Pump Station in Santa Monica

icon location 2 2727 Main St., Suite A, Santa Monica, CA 90405 | Click here for Directions
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Mealtime a time for seeking independence with obstinate “No’s”?
Bedtime or naptime a stand-off with wailing and flailing?
Getting your little one dressed a loss of control with backtalk??
Putting toys away a power struggle with tantrums and feet stomping?
Clean-up a battle to maintain calm with your little one ignoring your direction?
Getting in the car seat stressful time for everyone with crying and red face?
Getting out the door a meltdown with kicking and screaming?

Have you ever just said, "If only there was an Expert in My Ear, someone who could help me in the moment I need it.” Someone who could:
• Walk me through it
• Support my challenges
• Guide me with the right words
• Help me learn to use the appropriate tone
• Create effective strategies
• Calm me in the moment
• Help me regroup and refocus
• Be a knowledgeable resource, helping me break the cycle
• Empathize with me!

Through this NEW 3-week workshop offered virtually you will learn:
• How to counteract some of the negative impacts of the Covid lockdown on children 8 and younger
• How to respond to your children to decrease tantrums and negative behaviors while allowing your child to feel heard, understood, and loved
• How to incorporate parenting tips and tricks to make everyday life with your child easier and more pleasant

Each session provides valuable information to help you get thru the day-to-day struggles of parenting.
• Week 1 – Covid Kids: Experiencing Life After the Lockdown
• Week 2 – Routines and Consistency are Key to Connecting
• Week 3 – Parenting Tips & Tricks to Ease Your Day

Weekly sessions are 45 mins long followed by time for Q&A.

Parenting 911 classes at the Pump Station - New Classes - Schedule coming soon!

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