Making Moments Meaningful


Coaching Connection Through Communication Birth To Beyond

Baby/Toddler Coach

* Help Improve Sleep

* Decrease Temper Tantrums

* Support Sibling Challenges

* Assist With Transitions 

* Reduce Bedtime Battles

Brain/Cognitive Health Specialist

* Help With Memory Skills

* Decrease Declining Mental Ability

* Support Caregiver Training

* Assist With Calendars/Lists

* Reduce Feeling Lost

Language/Communication Expert

* Help With Word Retrieval

* Decrease Isolation

* Support Family Involvement

* Assist Conversing With Others

* Reduce Lonliness

Some say, "It's never too late", I say, "It's never too early."


  • In person/Virtual meeting to discuss your family’s unique needs
  • Complete assessment to personalize your program
  • Weekly sessions learning practical, valuable strategies
  • Unique techniques to apply in and out of the home
  • In the moment support and guidance
  • Individual and group sessions
  • Follow up calls/emails between sessions
  • Opportunities for membership programs for monthly support
  • Coordination with other professionals
  • Referrals and resources provided


  • In person/Virtual meeting to discuss your unique needs
  • Complete assessment to personalize your program
  • Flexible to accomodate convenient dates and times that work for you
  • Length varies depending on your preference
  • Options for ongoing workshops or one time presentations
  • Applicable for your clients, parents, staff, and caregivers
  • Increases your value as a provider
  • Unique techniques to apply in and out of the home
  • Referrals and resources provided
Gammy and Ryan

We learn to connect through communication from the beginning of life and strive to sustain it throughout.

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Michelle's passion is coaching caregivers of young children birth to five as those are the critical years for brain development. She offers such programs as Baby Blooming Moments for enriching the birth to five years and Parenting 911 to support those not-so-enriching times.

Michelle’s dedication is equally as strong for the caregivers of seniors as those years are just as critical for connecting. She helps to nurture, retain and maintain brain and cognitive health for those with brain injuries such as stroke or diseases such as Parkinson's. Whether it is a parent, nanny, daughter or caregiver...everyone who works with or loves babies and seniors benefit from my programs that help connect people.

Communicating is the Key to Connecting.

From 1 to 101 years old, everyone communicates and at times some coaching and guidance is needed to continue on your blooming journey through life.


Diane Kale
Diane Kale
June 24, 2023
I had been searching for someone to help me learn strategies to educate while playing with my twin grandbabies and along came Michelle!! She has so much knowledge with her years as a speech therapist. I highly recommend Michelle if you are looking to get the most educational value while still playing with your babies or grandbabies. Their little brains are like a sponge in the first 5 years



Michelle Mintz, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a distinguished Speech-Language Pathologist with over 25 years of experience in early childhood development and adult cognitive health. She founded MEET MICHELLE MINTZ to empower families in nurturing communication, connection, and cognitive development from infancy through adulthood. Michelle’s special gift lies in her ability to unlock the doors of communication. Her innovative programs, like Baby Blooming Moments and Parenting 911, offer personalized coaching to integrate enriching activities into daily routines, fostering strong brain connections, reducing behavioral issues, and strengthening family bonds.

In addition to her expertise with children, Michelle's significant roles at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA Medical Center, helped her design specialized programs in adult cognitive health, focusing on nourishing, retaining, and maintaining brain health. Her Cognitive Health programs are designed to enhance brain function through cognitive exercises that promote long-term brain health.

Michelle holds a Master's degree from Boston University and is certified by ASHA. She authored "All Done Binky!", co-hosts "This, That...Let's Chat!", and speaks at national conferences. Inspired by her adult son, Michelle blends personal passion with professional dedication to support families from infancy to adulthood. Her comprehensive approach promotes exceptional development and strengthens family connections. Outside of her work, Michelle enjoys yoga, gardening, painting, and spending time with her Japanese Spitz, Skyler.

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